Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Story is.....

The story to date  is... all about being pressured with a deadline to get more moulah, during a period of ridiculous amount sof work and drama. People  around me kicking off left right and centre. How to find the quiet even to think. The dramturg comes up  top  -our three hour session is really stimulating making me think very hard about structure. Going back in time remembering events, chaat hits new stories and stuff  - so much happens !! Approaching a back story process in a very new way for me. On her advice I have read Alan Sillitoes book version - absolutely cracking  so much more to dig into there The lead characters anger, and what he calls his 'cunning' are facscinating. There are some many links for my story  definitely - a monologue I will write - shared our  East Midlands back ground,  a lot of rich context that I will plot in another time another character another life Last night I started free writing from my head - theres so much there but at this stage I let it pour out knowing full well that later on I will be cutting and pruning at it I have no names yet -  no full tale just lots of propositons if some one asked me 'its about overcoming adverisity but is much  more than that I realised this when I was researching Phyliss Hyman's story a magnificent Black Diva- her suicide  having such an effect on me                 

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