Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The begining... thats always exciting

I am glad to be able to have space to share with other artists, and more wider,creative thoughts feeling attitudes, impressions in creating a piece that brings an artistic task, embarking on a creative challenge the outcome we trust will be magnificent - but we know that there will be any number of hurdles and obstacles to overcome particularly the digital challenge that is being embraced, working collaboratively cross arts and I as an artist that lives and breathes creative ideas, with energy levels not shared by others will also be a major challenge to work with I know I shall create something stunning, thought provoking, controversial- this is my stamp because of who I am for the first time I am creating a work truly the like of has never ever seen before - a bench mark but from the onset designed (this is new for me as an artist) from my interest in the way people will engage with this work- if they say have a physical or mental disability, or those with a hidden one which is my own personal mystery for now I remember the butterfly teaching of the native american - as I take on my afropean chamelon 'self' moving in my own unique dance singing my prays and writing poetry

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